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This software is completely unique in design and functionality and is the only one of its kind in the world. It is aimed to be a simple, yet very powerful tool for designers, engineers, and decision makers. Software Features and Benefits Allows you to create your own custom systems The software is very easy to learn and to use The software helps you to create and solve complex problems Very simple to use and handle Allows you to simulate, design, make process & tool designs & compare to purchase available products (on site design – load tests) Allows you to create flow diagrams for processes & machines Ability to switch between air, water and steam systems and pressure systems You can easily calculate information and identify any situation that you are not familiar with or don’t understand Allows you to calculate variables, can do hydraulic, steam and fan simulations Simulates all the basic fluids (water, air, steam) and all pressure systems, allows you to analyze various problems & perform problems solving through the software The software is a great tool for you to build, design and manufacture your systems and machines Allows you to create full life cycle cost estimating Allows you to design systems and machines using process & machine charts Allows you to create virtual assembly rooms Allows you to determine hydraulic, steam and fan operation systems using flow diagrams Includes over 30 specific solutions Can simulate the impact of different operators in a system Allows you to analyze & solve problems Includes standard solutions for multi-control systems Create and analyze problems using the software Allows you to compare your solutions with the products (cost saving) Allows you to design your systems with a complete package of drawings, slides, drawings and configurations Allows you to calculate loads for different products & compare them Allows you to build systems or solve problems in the process of creating your own systems or machines Allows you to create and export a complete catalog of all components you use in your systems or machines. This allows you to make full comparisons of your systems and machines Allows you to create new catalogs and upload to the software. Software Components and Benefits The software consists of 6 main components Process Chart Flow Diagrams Fluid Simulations System Analysis Custom Part Design Custom Design Fluid Any type of fluid can be simulated and the



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Automationstudiop6torrent erwnaz

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